Part XXVII. CAN Support

Documentation for drivers of this type is often integrated into the eCos board support documentation. You should review the documentation for your target board for details. Standalone and more generic drivers are documented in the following sections.


The eCosPro-CAN package and its associated device drivers are STRICTLY LICENSED FOR INTERNAL EVALUATION AND TESTING PURPOSES ONLY for a maximum period of THREE months from the initial delivery of your eCosPro release. It may not be used for production purposes nor redistributed in full or in part in any format, including source code, binary code and object code format. Shipment of prototypes, hardware or products containing the package in any format is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

A separate COMMERCIAL LICENSE for this package from eCosCentric is required to receive technical support for the package as well as permit distribution of binary forms of this package.

Some releases of eCosPro may not include evaluation copies of this package. In this case, please contact eCosCentric for licensing and availability. You must obtain written permission from eCosCentric to exceed the evaluation period.

Table of Contents

90. CAN Support
Overview — eCos Support for CAN, the Controller Area Network
CAN Interface — allow applications and other packages to access CAN devices
Configuration — CAN subsystem configuration
Device Drivers — Writing new CAN device drivers
91. NXP FlexCAN CAN Driver
NXP FlexCAN CAN Driver — CAN Driver
92. FlexCAN CAN Driver
FlexCAN CAN Driver — CAN Driver
93. MSCAN CAN Driver
MSCAN CAN Driver — CAN Driver
94. LPC2XXXX CAN Driver
LPC2XXX CAN Driver — CAN Driver
95. Atmel SAM CAN Driver
Atmel SAM CAN Driver — CAN Driver
96. Atmel MCAN CAN Driver
Atmel MCAN CAN Driver — CAN Driver
97. SJA1000 CAN Driver
SJA1000 CAN Driver — CAN Driver
98. BXCAN CAN Driver
BXCAN CAN Driver — CAN Driver
99. STR7XX CAN Driver
STR7XX CAN Driver — CAN Driver