SJA1000 — CAN Driver


This driver supports the Philips SJA1000 CAN device. As a stand-alone device, the SJA1000 may be connected to the target system by a variety of mechanisms, including direct connection, PCI bus, ISA bus or USB. This driver is structured to support any of these methods, although not all are currently implemented.

Access Methods

At present only Peak PCAN-PCI boards are supported by this driver. As a consequence only the PCI access method is currently implemented and within that, only PCAN-PCI boards are recognised and initialized. New access methods and boards will be added as they become available.


The device provides filtering support that is compatible with the filter model defined by the CAN subsystem, and therefore hardware filtering is employed.

Baud Rates

The following baud rates are supported: 1Mb/s, 500kb/s, 250kb/s, 125kb/s, 100kb/s, 50kb/s, 20kb/s, 10kb/s.


This driver requires an additional package to configure it to the particular microcontroller. For each channel X supported the CDL script in this package must provide the following configuration options:

This defines whether the channel is included. For channels 2 and 3 the default value is conditional on the SJA1000 variant.
This defines the name of the channel.

In addition to the above options, each channel should contain the following implements or requires commands, as appropriate:

This adds to the count of SJA1000 devices implemented by the driver.
implements CYGINT_DEVS_CAN_SJA1000_PCI
This adds to the count of SJA1000 PCI-based devices implemented by the driver. If the SJA1000 is accessed through a PCI device then this interface should be implemented.