Chapter 198. Bundle API

Table of Contents

198.1. API
cyg_bundle_access_direct — Initialise “direct” bundle context
cyg_bundle_access_file — Initialise “file” bundle context
cyg_bundle_access_flash — Initialise “flash” bundle context
cyg_bundle_access_init — Common bundle context initialisation
cyg_bundle_access_release — Release bundle context
cyg_bundle_verify — Verify bundle and initialise context references
cyg_bundle_item_find — Provide handle onto bundle item
cyg_bundle_item_release — Release reference to specific bundle item
cyg_bundle_enumerate — Enumerate bundle contents
cyg_bundle_info — Length of raw item
cyg_bundle_read — Extract data from a bundle item

The bundle API provides routines to extract data from a binary bundle image.

For eCos applications the approach used is that a suitable “access” strategy is chosen depending on where the bundle image is held. The access initialisation returns an opaque bundle descriptor reference that is used by an application to find a specific item. Similarly the opaque item descriptor reference is subsequently used to read the required data. The descriptor references need to be released when no longer required to ensure any held resources are returned to the system.

198.1. API