cyg_bundle_read — Extract data from a bundle item


#include <cyg/bundle/bundle_api.h>

uint32_t cyg_bundle_read(cyg_bundle_object_t *ic, void *dst, uint32_t offset, uint32_t amount);


This function copies a chunk of data from the reference bundle object to the supplied dst address. The offset parameter is the byte-offset within the data object where reading should start, with the amount specifying the number of bytes to be read. If the data is held in a compressed format then it will be automatically decompressed before being written to the supplied dst address. In this case the offset parameter always refers to the offset within the decompressed data.

Return value

Number of bytes read, or 0 on error. The returned number of bytes read may be less than the specified amount if an attempt is made to read more data than is available for the referenced object.