cyg_bundle_item_find — Provide handle onto bundle item


#include <cyg/bundle/bundle_api.h>

cyg_bundle_object_t *cyg_bundle_item_find(cyg_bundle_context_t *bc, uint32_t entag);


This function is used to generate an item access descriptor that can be subsequently used to extract data from a bundle.

The bc parameter should be a bundle descriptor reference as returned by a suitable cyg_bundle_access_…() call.

The entag parameter identifies the information to be accessed. The simplest form consists of passing a simple 16-bit (non-zero) tag identifier, used when the application requires access to the item data.

The CYG_BUNDLE_ARBITRARY flag can be OR-ed with the tag value to request access to any “arbitrary” data that may be associated with the requested tag item. When using CYG_BUNDLE_ARBITRARY then a 0x0000 tag value is acceptable, and is used to reference the parent bundle “arbitrary” data.

Return value

Pointer to the required object descriptor, or NULL if unable to find the data described by the entag or if an invalid entag value was used.