cyg_bundle_access_flash — Initialise “flash” bundle context


#include <cyg/bundle/bundle_api.h>

cyg_bundle_context_t *cyg_bundle_access_flash(const cyg_flashaddr_t bundle_addr, const cyg_flashaddr_t limit_addr);


Initialises context for accessing non-memory-mapped flash based bundle images via the standard eCos flash API. This “flash” access mechanism is primarily for indirectly-accessed flash memory (e.g. SPI devices), though nothing prohibits the use of the flash API from accessing memory-mapped flash images. This functionality is only available if CYGPKG_IO_FLASH is configured.


If the target flash memory is accessible as a readable memory-mapped area then it is highly recommended to use the “direct” access mechanism for performance and dynamic memory footprint reasons.

Return value

Pointer to object or NULL if unable to create context.