Part LIV. mDNS Responder and DNS-SD

James Smith

eCosCentric Limited

This eCosPro-mDNS Middleware package is STRICTLY LICENSED FOR NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES ONLY. It may not be used for Commercial purposes in full or in part in any format, including source code, binary code and object code format.

A Commercial eCosPro License version 3 (or above) which explicity includes this Middleware Package is required for Commercial use.

Table of Contents

186. mDNS overview
186.1. Introduction
187. API
187.1. API
cyg_mdns_init — Initialise mDNS Responder
cyg_mdns_terminate — Terminate mDNS Responder
cyg_mdns_enable — Enable mDNS
cyg_mdns_disable — Disable mDNS
cyg_mdns_service_register — Register set of services
cyg_mdns_service_unregister — Remove registered services
cyg_mdns_sethostname — Set base hostname
cyg_mdns_hostname_callback_register — Register hostname generation callback
cyg_mdns_gethostname — Get current hostname value
cyg_mdns_setservicelabel — Set service label
cyg_mdns_getservicelabel — Get current service label value
cyg_mdns_servicelabel_callback_register — Register service label generation callback
cyg_mdns_hinfo_register — Register HINFO record data
cyg_mdns_discovery_callback_register — Register DNS-SD response callback
cyg_mdns_discovery_callback_unregister — Unregister DNS-SD response callback
cyg_mdns_discovery_callback_flags — Read/Modify DNS-SD response callback control flags
cyg_mdns_discovery_query — Issue a DNS-SD query
187.2. Example Responder
187.3. Example DNS-SD Queries
188. Support API
188.1. Support API
cyg_mdns_strlen — Calculate uncompressed length of (possibly compressed) string
cyg_mdns_name_uncompress — Uncompress encoded string
cyg_mdns_strlen_vector — Calculate uncompressed length of string vector
cyg_mdns_strlen_uncompressed — Length of uncompressed encoded string
cyg_mdns_name — Convert encoded name into dot-notation
cyg_mdns_build_txt_vector — Build vector of pointers to individual TXT Record fields
cyg_mdns_build_strtab_vector — Build vector of pointers to individual encoded string fields
cyg_mdns_strcasecmp_strtab — Compare two encoded string-tables ignoring case
189. Configuration
189.1. Configuration Overview
189.1.1. Quick Start
189.1.2. Configuring the mDNS Responder
189.1.3. Configuring the mDNS DNS-SD support
189.2. Tuning
189.2.1. Footprint
190. Debug and Test
190.1. Debugging
190.1.1. Asserts
190.1.2. Diagnostic Output
190.2. Testing
190.2.1. mdns_example
190.2.2. dnssd_example
190.2.3. mdns_testp
190.2.4. mdns_farm
190.2.5. Bonjour Conformance Test
190.2.6. DNS-SD Example