cyg_mdns_service_unregister — Remove registered services


#include <mdns.h>

cyg_bool cyg_mdns_service_unregister(cyg_uint8 count, const cyg_mdns_service *vector);


This function removes the services listed in vector from the set of registered services. vector must be a service vector previously passed to cyg_mdns_service_register(). An error is returned if the vector does not match a complete held vector. In other words, when a list of services is registered by a vector, they may only be de-registered together with that same vector.

In reality (due to the API restriction on immutable “vector”s being registered), the vector and count parameters are validated by checking that the vector matches a previously registered vector, and count matches the count of vectors previously passed when that vector was registered.

If the vector is indeed valid, then mDNS announcements are sent immediately to advertise to attached networks that the service has been removed (Resource Records with TTL of 0).

Return value

Boolean true on success, and false on error.