cyg_mdns_init — Initialise mDNS Responder


#include <mdns.h>

cyg_bool cyg_mdns_init(void);


This initialises the common mDNS support. It will normally be called from the application shortly after lwIP initialisation, and performs the basic “start-of-day” initialisation.


All of the required lwIP network interfaces should have been added (normally via a call to the init_all_network_interfaces()) prior to initialising the mDNS Responder. If network interfaces are subsequently removed then the mDNS daemon should be disabled and re-enabled with the functions cyg_mdns_disable() and cyg_mdns_enable() to ensure the correct interface configurations are used. If network interfaces are subsequently added, it is sufficient to call solely cyg_mdns_enable() so that it configures the new interface for mDNS requests.

Once initialised, it is possible to register services with cyg_mdns_service_register(), and then allow the mDNS responder to respond to incoming requests with cyg_mdns_enable().

Return value

Boolean true if the mDNS sub-system has initialised OK, or false on failure.