Chapter 181. Configuration

This chapter shows how to incorporate the Mbed TLS support into an eCos configuration, and how to configure it once included.

181.1. Configuration Overview

The Mbed TLS support is contained in a single eCos package CYGPKG_MBEDTLS. However, some functionality is dependant on other eCos features. e.g. the eCos networking stack support.

181.1.1. Quick Start

Incorporating the Mbed TLS support into your application is straightforward. The essential starting point is to incorporate the Mbed TLS eCos package (CYGPKG_MBEDTLS) into your configuration.

This may be achieved directly using ecosconfig add on the command line, or the Build->Packages… menu item within the eCos Configuration Tool.

Depending on the Mbed TLS package configuration other packages may be required (e.g. network stack support). The package requires that the CYGPKG_INFRA and CYGPKG_MEMALLOC packages are included in the eCos application configuration.