cyg_lwip_netif_print_info — Output network interface address information


#include <arch/cc.h>

int cyg_lwip_netif_print_info (void *iface , cyg_lwip_printf *pf );


This helper function provides a common method for applications to output network address information for the specified iface interface. It can be used (see Section 161.7, “Quick Start”) to provide user feedback of acquired addresses. It can easily be used with test programs by supplying diag_printf() as the pf output function. Supplying an application specific routine however can allow for the fixed format address string to be output via an alternative user interface.

The network interface pointer for passing to this function in the iface parameter can be obtained from the lwIP function:

struct netif *netif_find(char *name)

The name passed is the registered two-character interface name. Alternatively if the default network interface is required it can be directly referenced via the exported struct netif *netif_default variable.

Return value

The value 0 is returned on success. The value 1 is returned if there was a problem with the interface, e.g. the link is not up, or the address associated with the interface has not yet been set.