cyg_lwip_init — Initialise lwIP network stack


#include <arch/cc.h>

int cyg_lwip_init (void);


This function should be called by the eCos application at startup. It performs the initialization of the lwIP network stack and any configured network device drivers.

If either of the IPv4 DHCP CYGSEM_LWIP_DHCP_WAIT_DHCP_COMPLETE or IPv6 stateless autoconfiguration CYGSEM_LWIP_IPV6_AUTOCONFIG_WAIT_COMPLETE options are enabled then this initialization routine will wait for up to the maximum of the configured timeouts for the network interfaces to acquire the relevant addresses. If the network services are slow in providing a required address then it is possible that this function will exit with the interface not yet reachable from the network, so applications should always validate interfaces after calling this initialization routine. The wait support is provided by this routine to ensure a common implementation. If required the function can be called again to re-wait for the configured timeouts, but it should be noted that subsequent calls do not re-initialize the lwIP stack.

Return value

The value 0 is returned on completion of the initialization. The value 1 is returned if the routine has previously been called, and is not an indication of a failure to initialise.