cyg_net_eth_phy_ctx_acquire — Allocate PHY event context


#include <cyg/io/eth/eth_drv.h>

void *cyg_net_eth_phy_ctx_acquire (void *priv );


To allow per-interface PHY notification, the client network driver will call this function to register the passed priv reference, and to be given an abstract handle which is subsequently passed to the cyg_net_eth_phy_dsr function when the driver needs to notify the lwIP stack of a PHY event. For lwIP this passed value MUST be a structnetif*netif (network interface) reference.

Return value

A NULL value indicates a system error, otherwise it is the abstract handle used in the driver->lwIP PHY event notification. The caller of this function does not need to interpret the returned value. Internal to the lwIP stack the value returned depends on whether the lwIP world is configured to use a helper thread. For NO_SYS (true raw) configurations without a helper thread this function will just return the passed netif parameter since that is all that is needed for the driver->lwIP support. When a helper thread is being used (e.g. sequential API) then it will be a pointer to the message used to communicate the PHY event information in a thread-safe manner.