Chapter 105. STM32 Coherent Connection Bus Driver overview

Table of Contents

105.1. Introduction

105.1. Introduction

The CYGPKG_DEVS_CCB_CORTEXM_STM32 package provides a low-level bus driver implementation for use by the Coherent Connection Bus (CCB) CYGPKG_IO_CCB communication package. It provides the device-level API to implement the actual hardware interface support as required. Familiarity with CCB and the relevant specifications is assumed in the following documentation.

The implementation is based on the relevant sections of the Coherent's “Integrator's Guide Coherent OBIS“ document (Part No. 1215508 Rev. AB - CoherentOBIS_IntegratorsGuide_1215508RevAB.pdf).

This driver package provides the I/O connection via the STM32 U(S)ART interfaces. Normally CCB is routed over a half-duplex RS-485 connection. This driver provides software collision detection, with the corresponding TX auto-retry (up to to an optional configuration limit if required).