Chapter 2. Downloading

If you have not requested the optional CD with your purchase of the eCosPro Developer's Kit, you will need to go to the eCosPro Developer's Kit Portal at to download the kit and licensee file. You will need the userid (your email address) and password you were provided to login to the portal. You must use the same userid and password for logging into the Issue Management System of eCosPro at

Figure 2.1. eCosPro Developer's Kit Portal

eCosPro Developer's Kit Portal

The portal (see Figure 2.1, “eCosPro Developer's Kit Portal”) has three TABs:

Current Downloads

This tab displays the most recent downloads available to you, and provides a download button to initiate download of the corresponding file. The columns list the description, filename, size and MD5 checksum of each download. Archive files are listed at the top and may be expanded by pressing the [+] to reveal their contents, each item of which may also be individually downloaded. Each archive represents the complete set of tools available in an eCosPro Develper's Kit. For Windows hosted kits, the archive is in ZIP format. For Linux hosted kits, the archive is either in a tarball (.tar) or a compressed (bzip2) tarball format (.tar.bz2).


If you have an eCosPro releases prior to 4.x, the last item on the list of downloadable files will be the licensee file needed for the installation of your products. This is not required for eCospro releases 4.x and above.

Support Contracts
This tab will list a table containing all the support contracts, active and expired, you have purchased. The columns list the Targets, Hosts, Releases, Support Period, Support Allocation and Support Usage of each support contract. Active support contracts are listed in green, while expired contracts are listed in red.
Other Downloads
This tab displays downloads of files that have been superceeded by later releases. The format is the same as the Current Downloads tab.

Each installation pack typically comprises five components:

  • eCosPro Release
  • eCosPro Host Tools
  • eCosPro GNU Toolchain
  • eCosPro Eclipse
  • setup.exe or

    The latter two files are not available for separate download.

For upgrades and multiple target support, you only need to download the individual components not already downloaded or installed. Each component is provided as an install executable or as an EPK (eCosPro Package). A primary installer typically starts with ecospro followed by the version number and the abbreviated name(s) of the target platform(s).