Chapter 20. Keyboard Accelerators

The following table presents the list of keyboard accelerators that can be used with the Configuration Tool.

Table 20.1. Keyboard accelerators

Accelerator Action Remarks
Alt+1 hide/show properties window  
Alt+2 hide/show output window  
Alt+3 hide/show short description window  
Alt+4 hide/show conflicts window  
Ctrl+A select all output window and in-cell editing
Ctrl+C copy output window and in-cell editing
Ctrl+F EditFind  
Ctrl+N FileNew (target:template)  
Alt+N FileNew Target  
Ctrl+O FileOpen  
Ctrl+S FileSave  
Ctrl+V Paste in-cell editing only
Ctrl+X Cut in-cell-editing only
Ctrl+Z Undo in-cell editing only
F1 Context-sensitive help  
F3 Find next  
F7 BuildLibrary  
Shift+F7 BuildTests  
Alt+F6 ViewNext window  
Shift+Alt+0 ViewPrevious window  
Shift+Ins Paste in-cell editing only
Shift+F10 Display context menu Configuration window
Alt+Enter Display properties dialog box Configuration window
> Increment item value Configuration window
< Decrement item value Configuration window
Space Toggle item value Configuration window
Ctrl+I HelpRepository Information