Chapter 191. Broadcom WWD overview

191.1. Introduction

The CYGPKG_NET_WIFI_BROADCOM_WWD package implements the eCos specific support for the Broadcom WICED Wireless Driver (WWD) sources present in (3rd-party) Broadcom WICED-SDK releases. The WWD package is for use with the generic eCos WLAN (wireless networking) support layer to present the common eCos wireless API.

The WWD package relies on the presence of the CYGPKG_NET_WLAN, CYGPKG_NET_LWIP and the CYGPKG_IO_ETH_DRIVERS networking packages. It also requires the eCos Kernel C API (CYGFUN_KERNEL_API_C) to provide the required thread support.


Due to licensing restrictions the WICED-SDK package cannot be distributed as part of an eCos release. The developer is responsible for obtaining a supported WICED-SDK version via the normal Broadcom channels. e.g. the WICED Wi-Fi developer forum website.

Currently only WICED-SDK-3.5.2 is supported.

See Section 191.2, “WICED-SDK Installation” for a description of how to install the WICED-SDK.

NOTE: The WICED-SDK source tree must be installed into the correct eCosPro tree location prior to any target configuration via ecosconfig or configtool.

191.2. WICED-SDK Installation

After acquiring a supported Broadcom WICED-SDK release package it needs to be extracted into the correct location within your eCosPro release source tree. Currently the WICED-SDK archives are distributed as .7z packages.

The WICED-SDK sources need to be installed into the src sub-directory of the CYGPKG_NET_WIFI_BROADCOM_WWD package within the eCosPro release tree.

Using the WICED-SDK- package as an example, the following is a command-line example of extracting into the eCosPro tree. The source path for the eCosPro tree depends on your specific installation, as does the specific eCosPro release vsn number:

$ cd /path_to_ecospro_release/packages/net/wireless/wifi_bcmwwd/current/src
$ 7z x ~/Downloads/WICED-SDK-

7-Zip [64] 9.20  Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov  2010-11-18
p7zip Version 9.20 (locale=en_GB.UTF-8,Utf16=on,HugeFiles=on,8 CPUs)

Processing archive: /home/user/Downloads/WICED-SDK-

Extracting  WICED-SDK-3.5.2/tools/common/OSX/aes_cbc_128
Extracting  WICED-SDK-3.5.2/tools/common/Linux32/aes_cbc_128
[ … 7z output elided … ]
Extracting  WICED-SDK-3.5.2/apps
Extracting  WICED-SDK-3.5.2

Everything is Ok

Folders: 1055
Files: 6954
Size:       878793443
Compressed: 121342379

Assuming an example eCosPro release with version number vX.Y.ZZ, and using release 3.5.2 of the WICED-SDK, you should end up with a file hierarchy similar to the following figure:

Figure 191.1. Example WICED-SDK installation

Example WICED-SDK installation