Chapter 232. Test Programs

Table of Contents

232.1. Test Programs

232.1. Test Programs

Some Unity specific tests are built and can be used to verify correct operation of the library.

The original Unity examples are all very slight variations of the same underlying example for different build environments, so we only provide a single variant for the eCos tests build.

  1. unity_core

    This test exercises the core Unity functionality.

  2. unity_core_memory

    This test exercises the extra memory functionality if CYGPKG_UNITY_MEMORY is enabled.

  3. unity_floats

    This test exercises the single-precision floating point (float) support when UNITY_EXCLUDE_FLOAT is not defined.

  4. unity_doubles

    This test exercises the double-precision floating point (double) support when UNITY_EXCLUDE_DOUBLE is not defined.

  5. unity_integers

    This test exercises the basic integer assert functionality.

  6. unity_integers_64

    This test exercises the 64-bit support when UNITY_SUPPORT_64 is defined, which is the case when using the default eCos unity_config.h configuration header.

  7. unity_memory

    This test exercises the memory equality support. It is not related to the extra CYGPKG_UNIT_MEMORY functionality, but tests the core memory buffer assert support.

  8. unity_strings

    This test exercises the core string functionality.

  9. example_1_1

    This test is a simple example of using Unity based on the original Unity package examples/example_1/test/TestProductionCode.c source.

  10. example_1_2

    This test is a simple example of using Unity based on the original Unity package examples/example_1/test/TestProductionCode2.c source.