Chapter 220. SystemView overview

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220.1. Introduction

220.1. Introduction

Current version based on downloaded from the Segger website.

Some of the files in this package are covered by the Segger AS-IS license.

The RTT sample code can also be found in the JLink package. e.g. JLink_Linux_V695a_x86_64/Samples/RTT/SEGGER_RTT_V695a.tgz

The following table highlights the files taken from the original SystemView_Src release, and their new location within the eCos CYGPKG_SYSTEMVIEW package:

OriginaleCos package

Currently these Segger supplied sources are unmodified, which should allow for easier updating to newer releases from Segger if/when required.

The SystemView host application has support for receiving telemetry from: J-Link/RTT H/W debug connection, serial line (UART) or a TCP/IP network connection.

The Segger SystemView documentation (Segger document: UM08027) provides an overview of using the host application, as well as technical details of the target implementation API, of which this eCos package is an example. If required, the developer can embed suitable target side calls into their code as needed (e.g. SEGGER_SYSVIEW_MarkStart()) when relying on the support from this package.


In this documentation we refer to the eCos target side implementation as CYGPKG_SYSTEMVIEW (the target package), and use SystemView to refer to the host side Segger application.