Part XLI. TCP/IP Stack Support for eCos

The Common Networking for eCos package provides support for a complete TCP/IP networking stack. The design allows for the actual stack to be modular allowing for different implementations to be provided. Currently only one version based on FreeBSD is available, with the earlier OpenBSD implementation (circa 2000) deprecated and withdrawn from current eCosPro releases.

For resource-constrained systems, the lightweight networking stack lwip (see Part XLIV, “lwIP - the lightweight IP stack for eCosPro”) has been ported to eCos and supports the IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, ARP, DHCP, AutoIP, DNS, SNMP, SLIP and PPP protocols. lwip was designed from the outset to have a low memory footprint and gains many of its lightweight properties from being highly configurable, making it an excellent eCos add-on package.