fis load — Load flash image


fis load [-b load address] [-c ] [-d ] [ name ]


-bNumber Address the image should be loaded to. Executable images normally load at the location to which the file was linked. This option allows the image to be loaded to a specific memory location, possibly overriding any assumed location. If not specified, the address associated with the image in the FIS directory will be used.
-c  Compute and print the checksum of the image data after it has been loaded into memory.  
-d  Decompress gzipped image while copying it from flash to RAM.  
name String The name of the file, as shown in the FIS directory.  


This command is used to transfer an image from flash memory to RAM.

Once the image has been loaded, it may be executed using the go command.


Load and run RedBoot[RAM] image.

RedBoot> fis load RedBoot[RAM]
RedBoot> go