fis delete — Delete flash image


fis delete { name }


name NumberName of image that should be deleted. 


This command removes an image from the FIS. The flash memory will be erased as part of the execution of this command, as well as removal of the name from the FIS directory.


Certain images are reserved by RedBoot and cannot be deleted. RedBoot will issue a warning if this is attempted.


RedBoot> fis list
Name              flash addr   Mem addr    Length    Entry point
RedBoot          0xA0000000   0xA0000000  0x020000  0x80000000
RedBoot config   0xA0FC0000   0xA0FC0000  0x020000  0x00000000
FIS directory    0xA0FE0000   0xA0FE0000  0x020000  0x00000000
junk             0xA0040000   0x8C400000  0x020000  0x80000000
RedBoot> fis delete junk
Delete image ’junk‚ - continue (y/n)? y
... Erase from 0xa0040000-0xa0060000: .
... Erase from 0xa0fe0000-0xa1000000: .
... Program from 0x8c7d0000-0x8c7f0000 at 0xa0fe0000: .