Part XXII. SPI Support

Documentation for drivers of this type is often integrated into the eCos board support documentation. You should review the documentation for your target board for details. Standalone and more generic drivers are documented in the following sections.

Table of Contents

72. SPI Support
Overview — eCos Support for SPI, the Serial Peripheral Interface
SPI Interface — allow applications and other packages to access SPI devices
Porting to New Hardware — Adding SPI support to new hardware
73. Freescale MCFxxxx ColdFire QSPI Bus Driver
Freescale MCFxxxx Coldfire QSPI Bus Driver — eCos Support for the Freescale Coldfire QSPI Bus
74. Microchip (Atmel) USART-as-SPI Bus Driver
Microchip (Atmel) SAM E70/S70/V70/V71 USART-as-SPI Bus Driver — eCos Support for the Microchip (Atmel) USART-as-SPI Bus