Test Programs — Details

Test Programs

The STM324X9I-EVAL platform HAL contains some test programs which allow various aspects of the board to be tested.

Manual Test

The manual test is not built by default. The configuration option CYGPKG_HAL_CORTEXM_STM32_STM324X9I_EVAL_TESTS_MANUAL should be enabled to allow the test to be built.

This program tests various aspects of the basic platform port, e.g. flashing LEDs, checking I²C device access and that the push-button GPIO operates.

SPI Flash Test

The m25pxx1 test is not built by default, since the standard (unmodifed) STM324x9I-EVAL platform does not provide a suitable SPI flash device. The configuration option CYGPKG_HAL_CORTEXM_STM32_STM324X9I_EVAL_SPI1_FLASH should be enabled to allow the test to be built if a suitably modified board is being used.

This program tests the M25Pxx compatible serial flash connected to SPI bus 1. It erases, programs and reads a number of sectors in the flash, and should therefore not be run if the flash contains data that should be retained. The CYGPKG_IO_FLASH package must be present to allow this test to be built.

ADC Test

The adc1 program tests the ADC driver for the STM32. The only device connected to the ADC on the board is the potentiometer connected to ADC3 logical channel 8, named RV1 “ADC channel PF10” on the motherboard. Therefore this test primarily tests that. However, in addition it also report the values of the Vrefint and Vbat+Temp inputs that are sourced on-chip. The option CYGBLD_HAL_CORTEXM_STM324X9I_EVAL_TEST_ADC must be enabled to run this test since it needs human interaction.