Chapter 100. Coherent Connection Bus overview

Table of Contents

100.1. Introduction

100.1. Introduction

The CYGPKG_COHERENT_CCB package implements support for Coherent Connection Bus (CCB) communications. This enables eCos-based systems to communicate with and control compatible members of Coherent's range of laser products.

The package provides an API for applications to send and receive messages from an eCos-based master to slave devices over the CCB. Familiarity with CCB and the relevant specifications is assumed in the following documentation.

The implementation is based on the relevant sections of the Coherent's “Integrator's Guide Coherent OBIS“ document (Part No. 1215508 Rev. AB - CoherentOBIS_IntegratorsGuide_1215508RevAB.pdf).

The CCB package features:

  • CCB packet driver interface support
  • Master device support
  • Example applications

The eCos CCB backend interface is transport agnostic, though CCB is normally routed over an RS-485 connection. The configured target must provide a suitable platform/variant hardware package implementing the necessary low-level hardware I/O support. The CCB support relies on the platform specific CDL forcing any per-device configuration to ensure a 921600 baud 8N1 connection for the underlying serial (RS-485) communications.