Part LIX. Common Clock Services

Jonathan Larmour

eCosCentric Limited

Table of Contents

199. Overview
199.1. Introduction
199.2. Functionality
199.3. Concepts and structure
200. Dependencies
200.1. HAL
200.2. Kernel
200.3. Wallclock (RTC)
200.4. C library and POSIX layers
201. Configuration
202. API reference
cyg_clock_get_systime() — Retrieve the current system time
cyg_clock_get_systime_res — Obtain the resolution of the system clock
cyg_clock_set_systime() — Sets the system clock to the supplied time
cyg_clock_sync_wallclock() — Force the wallclock to be updated from system time
cyg_clock_adjust_systime() — Adjust the system time
Time change notification — Registering and deregistering for notification of changes to system time
cyg_clock_sysclock_handle() — Return a handle to the system clock
Time conversions — Converting between clock ticks and calendar time