Chapter 9. Reinstalling Components

eCosPro components may sucessfully be re-installed if:

  1. you wish to install an additional components, such as the sources for the Host or GNU Tools
  2. you suspect corruption of a component
  3. you wish to move the installation to a new location

If you reinstall, you will be given the option to uninstall the previous release. If you reinstall to a new location without uninstalling, the files within the original installation will be preserved. You are advised to uninstall the component as described in Chapter 10, Uninstalling if you wish to remove these files (or you may remove them by hand following completion of the re-installation).

Re-installation of a primary component (i.e. an eCosPro platform distribution will only re-install the primary component itself. Dependent components used by the primary component, such as the GNU Toolchain, eCosPro Host Tools or the eCosPro Eclipse distribution may only be re-installed by running their installers individually.