eCosPro CDT (1.6.5) plug-in user's guide for Eclipse 2018-09 (4.9.0)

Alex Schuilenburg

Ross Younger

Jonathan Larmour

Legal Notice

3 November 2020

Table of Contents

1. Initial Reading
2. eCosPro CDT plug-in Macros
3. Quick Start / Walkthrough
4. Debugging eCos applications
4.1. eCos Launch Configurations
4.1.1. Method 1 for creating eCos Launch Configurations
4.1.2. Method 2 for creating eCos Launch Configurations
4.1.3. Method 3 for creating eCos Launch Configurations
4.2. eCos Remote Debugging
4.2.1. eCos Remote Debugging launch configuration
4.3. eCos Hardware Debugging
4.3.1. eCos Hardware Debugging differences
4.3.2. eCos Configuration for eCos Hardware Debugging
4.3.3. eCos Hardware Debugging launch configuration
4.4. Running and Debugging the application
4.5. Console Diagnostics Output
4.6. Using ARM's Instrumentation Trace Macrocell for output
4.6.1. Configuring eCosPro for ITM output
4.6.2. Using OpenOCD to capture eCosPro ITM output
4.6.3. Configuring eCosPro CDT plug-in for ITM output
4.7. eCos Hardware Debugging using the Ronetix PEEDI
4.7.1. Licenses and Configuration files
4.7.2. Configuration and Initialization
4.8. GDB command files
5. About application projects
5.1. eCos C/C++ Application Projects
5.2. Application project options
5.3. Application Project Properties
5.3.1. Project References
5.3.2. C/C++ Build Environment
5.3.3. C/C++ Build / Tool Settings
6. About configuration projects
6.1. eCos configuration projects
6.2. Changing the eCos configuration
6.2.1. Editing the eCos configuration project
6.2.2. Using a different configuration file
6.2.3. Using a different configuration project
6.3. Changing the configuration project's profile
7. GProf Profile Plugin Support
7.1. GProf Profile Plugin Installation
7.1.1. Check if Linux Tools GProf plugin is installed
7.1.2. Install Linux Tools GProf plugin
7.2. The eCosPro Runtime profile statistics package
7.2.1. Adding CYGPKG_PROFILE_GPROF with the eCos Configuration Tool
7.2.2. Adding CYGPKG_PROFILE_GPROF with the command line
7.2.3. Enabling TFTP support for profiling data extraction
7.3. Enabling profiling data generation within eCos and the eCosPro application
7.3.1. Compiling the application with the -pg GNU compiler flag
7.3.2. Compiling eCos with the -pg GNU compiler flag
7.4. Enabling and Disabling profiling data collection
7.4.1. Enable profiling data collection
7.4.2. Disabling profiling data collection
7.5. Extracting and Clearing the profiling data from the target
7.5.1. Extracting the profiling data from the target
7.5.2. Clearing the profiling data from the target
7.6. Display the profiling data using the GProf plugin
8. Hints and Troubleshooting
9. Upgrading Eclipse, eCosPro CDT plug-in and Eclipse Workspaces
9.1. Upgrading Eclipse
9.2. Upgrading the eCosPro CDT plug-in
9.3. Upgrading the Eclipse Workspace

List of Figures

3.1. New Project from Menu
3.2. New Project from Toolbar
3.3. Welcome Screen
3.4. New Project
3.5. C Project
3.6. Hello World Settings
3.7. Select Configurations
3.8. eCos Application Project configuration
3.9. New eCos Configuration project
3.10. eCos profile selection
3.11. eCos target and template selection
3.12. Open Associated Perspective
3.13. Build Progress
3.14. Build Project Menu
3.15. Application Build Project Menu
3.16. Project Explorer and Context Editor
4.1. Creating eCos launch configurations
4.2. Selecting eCos launch configuration types
4.3. eCos launch configurations
4.4. Select Configuration Type
4.5. eCos Remote Debugging dialog
4.6. eCos Hardware Debugging dialog
4.7. Confirm Perspective Switch dialog
4.8. Debug Download Execution
4.9. Debug Download Progress
4.10. Console Diagnostics Output
4.11. Hardware Launcher - ITM output via TCP/IP port
4.12. PEEDI Hardware Debugging launch configuration
4.13. Hardware Debugger Device Initialization
4.14. Specify GDB command file
5.1. eCos Application Properties
5.2. C/C++ Build Properties / Tools Settings
6.1. eCos Configuration Properties
6.2. Select eCos configuration file
6.3. Select eCosPro profile
7.1. Eclipse Installation Details - GProf
7.2. Eclipse Install GProf
7.3. Configuration Tool Install GProf Package
7.4. Profiling Data Capture through TFTP
7.5. Enable Application Profiling Data Generation
7.6. Capture and Clear Profiling Data
7.7. Gmon File Viewer: select binary
7.8. Gprof tab window
8.1. Find CYGBLD_GLOBAL_CFLAGS in configuration
8.2. Packages Dialog - Add CYGPKG_INFRA