cyg_ppp_wait_up — Wait for PPP connection to come up


#include <cyg/ppp/ppp.h>

cyg_int32 cyg_ppp_wait_up(cyg_ppp_handle_t handle);


This function waits until the PPP connection is running and then returns. This is needed because the actual bring up of the connection happens mostly after the call to cyg_ppp_up() returns, and may take some time to complete, especially if dialling a remote server.

The result of this call will be zero when the connection is running, or -1 if the connection failed to start for some reason. If the connection is already running when this call is made it will return immediately with a zero result. If the connection is not in the process of coming up, or has failed, or has terminated, then a result of -1 will be returned immediately. Thus this function may also be used to test that the connection is still running at any point.