cyg_ppp_up — Bring PPP connection up


#include <cyg/ppp/ppp.h>

cyg_ppp_handle_t cyg_ppp_up(char *devnam, const cyg_ppp_options_t *options);


This function starts up a PPP connection. The devnam argument is the name of the device to be used for the connection, typically "/dev/ser0" or "/dev/ser1". The options argument should point to an initialized cyg_ppp_options_t object.

The return value will either be zero, indicating a failure, or a cyg_ppp_handle_t object that may be used as an argument to other PPP functions.


Although the PPP API is designed to permit several simultaneous connections to co-exist, at present only one PPP connection is actually implemented. Any attempt to create a second connection while there is already one open will fail.