cyg_ppp_chat — Execute chat script


#include <cyg/ppp/ppp.h>

cyg_int32 cyg_ppp_chat(const char *devname, const char *script[]);


This function implements a subset of the automated conversational scripting as defined by the chat program. The first argument is the name of the serial device to be used, typically "/dev/ser0" or "/dev/ser1". The script argument is a pointer to a zero terminated array of strings that comprise the chat script. See Chapter 154, Using PPP for an example script, and Chapter 157, CHAT Scripts for full detail of the script used.

The return value of this function will be zero if the chat script fails for any reason, such as an ABORT or a timeout. If the end of the script is reached, then the return value will be non-zero.

Under normal use this function is called from the PPP subsystem if the cyg_ppp_options_t script field is set to a non-NULL value. This function should only be used directly if the application needs to undertake special processing between running the chat script, and bringing up the PPP connections.