eCosPro Support FTP Service — Overview


The ftpserver package provides an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server for use with the TCP/IP stack in eCos. It is currently restricted to IPv4 networks only and can only use the BSD IP stack.

The server implements a restricted subset of the FTP protocol, sufficient to transfer binary files to and from an eCos system. Only passive mode transfers are supported. Directory creation ('mkdir'), changing ('cd') or listing ('ls') are not supported. User and password authentication is supported if the user supplies a means of checking these, otherwise access is permitted to all clients. As authentication is not securely encrypted, it is recommended that the FTP server is only used on an internal trusted network.

The server has been tested against the default Linux ftp command for both storing and retrieving files. It has also been tested with wget and Firefox for retrieving files. The server should work with any command-line based FTP client. Graphical clients are less likely to work since these will want to fetch file listings, which the server does not currently support.