nconfig put — Writes a config key


nconfig put <key> <type> <value>


The config key, type and the value or data to be written to it.


This command writes a single key to the store. If the key was already present in the store, its existing value is overwritten.

The value of a bool variable may be specified as true, True, t, T, 1; false, False, f, F, or 0.

  • This interface does not support the bytes type yet.
  • To write a string containing a space from within RedBoot, it is necessary to surround the string in quote marks.
  • This command may be configured out with the CYGSEM_REDBOOT_CONFIGSTORE_PUT_CMD option.


RedBoot> nconfig put nand.partition1.size uint 100
Written OK
RedBoot> nconfig put app1.magic string "This is a string"
Written OK
RedBoot> nconfig put baz.qux bool true
Written OK
RedBoot> nconfig get baz.qux