nconfig info — Query metadata for one or more config keys


nconfig info <key> [<key>...]


One or more config keys. Information is returned about each of them in turn.


This command outputs the metadata (type and data size) for the requested configuration key(s) in the form they currently appear in the store.


The type of a data key is not fixed; it may be changed later, either via RedBoot or by an application. Similarly, the reported size of a variable-length type (string or bytes) only reflects its current size in storage and may change later.


RedBoot> nconfig info nand.partition1.base nand.partition1.size
Key         : nand.partition1.base
  type      : uint
  data size : 4
Key         : nand.partition1.size
  type      : uint
  data size : 4
RedBoot> nconfig info foo
Key foo not found