nand info — Output information about a NAND device


nand info <dev> [<dev>...]


Specify the NAND device name(s) to query. If none are given, all available devices will be queried in turn.


This command outputs information about selected NAND devices. The output includes information about the device physical configuration (not including the spare area of each page) as well as the current configured partition table.


For information about how the partition table is defined and controlled on a particular device, refer to the relevant platform HAL documentation. Some devices can be reconfigured dynamically from within RedBoot; others have a static configuration which requires that eCos (and RedBoot) be rebuilt.


RedBoot> nand info
NAND device `onboard':
  2048 bytes/page, 64 pages/block, capacity 2048 blocks x 128 kB = 256 MB
  Partition Start Blocks
       0       6     10
       1      16    200