nand eraseblock — Erase a specific NAND block


nand eraseblock -d <device> -b <block> [-n <count>]


-b block

The block number to erase (or, if -n is given, the first block).


Block numbers to this command are device block numbers, with 0 meaning the first block on the device.

-n count
The number of blocks to erase. This defaults to 1.
-d device
The name of the device to affect.


This command erases one or more blocks on a NAND device.

  • This command may be configured out with the CYGSEM_REDBOOT_NAND_ERASEBLOCK_CMD option.
  • This command ignores the Bad Blocks Table. It will attempt to erase any block on the device, regardless of its state.

This command is powerful, but potentially dangerous as it will erase data without any safety checks. It is possible to erase RedBoot, other files required for system bootstrap, the Bad Block Table itself, any stored configuration data, etc. Be very sure of the block number before committing!


RedBoot> nand eraseblock -d onboard -b 42 -n 2
Erasing device onboard blocks 42-43...
Erase complete.