cyg_modbus_acm_remove — Remove ACM registered client address


#include <cyg/modbus.h>

Cyg_ErrNo cyg_modbus_acm_remove(cyg_handle_t server, const struct sockaddr *ipaddr, socklen_t addrlen);


This function will remove the supplied remote host address from all ACM pools that have a matching entry. If ACM is being used then this may stop future requests from the remote host being processed.

Currently the ipaddr can describe either a AF_INET (for IPv4) or AF_INET6 (for IPv6) family address, with addrlen being the size of the relevant address family.

Return value

A standard Cyg_ErrNo error code is returned, with ENOERR indicating success. If the ModbusTCP ACM is not provided by the attached transport layer then ENOENT is returned. The error EIO indicates a failure to communicate with the server control thread. The transport specific implementation may return further error indications as appropriate.