CYGPKG_HAL_MIPS_PNX83xx — eCos Support for NXP PNX83xx Processors


The NXP PNX83xx family is a range of processors including the PNX8310 and PNX8330. This package provides support for features that are common across the range. For example the PNX8310 and PNX8330 use similar UARTs, so the device definitions are provided by this package rather than duplicated in the two processor HAL packages. Similarly HAL diagnostics support using these UARTs is provided here.


The PNX83xx common HAL package should be loaded automatically when eCos is configured for appropriate target hardware. It should never be necessary to load this package explicitly. Unloading the package should only happen as a side effect of switching target hardware.

The package does not contain any configuration options.