CYGPKG_MATH_LIBTOMMATH — Multi-Precision Maths


CYGPKG_MATH_LIBTOMMATH is a port to eCos of the Tom St Denis LibTomMath Multi-Precision Math package. Full documentation on this package can be found in the files bn.pdf, tommath.pdf, and poster.pdf in the package's doc subdirectory.

The port to eCos has involved only very minor changes to the generic LibTomMath sources, to allow the code to adapt to eCos configurations lacking standard I/O functionality. The package's src subdirectory has essentially the same contents as a LibTomMath tarball. The exported headers tommath.h, tommath_class.h and tommath_superclass.h have been moved to the package's include subdirectory, The prebuilt documentation files have been moved to the package's doc subdirectory. Appropriate CDL has been added so that the package can be built as part of an eCos configuration.

The package has no architectural dependencies so can be added to any eCos configuration. However it does depend on dynamic memory allocation support from CYGPKG_MEMALLOC and on standard C library support from CYGPKG_LIBC_STDLIB, CYGPKG_LIBC_I18N, and CYGPKG_LIBC_STRING.