Part I. The eCos Kernel

Table of Contents

Kernel Overview — Overview of the eCos Kernel
SMP Support — Support Symmetric Multiprocessing Systems
Thread creation — Create a new thread
Thread information — Get basic thread information
Thread control — Control whether or not a thread is running
Thread termination — Allow threads to terminate
Thread priorities — Examine and manipulate thread priorities
Per-thread data — Manipulate per-thread data
Thread destructors — Call functions on thread termination
Exception handling — Handle processor exceptions
Counters — Count event occurrences
Clocks — Provide system clocks
Alarms — Run an alarm function when a number of events have occurred
Mutexes — Synchronization primitive
Condition Variables — Synchronization primitive
Semaphores — Synchronization primitive
Mail boxes — Synchronization primitive
Event Flags — Synchronization primitive
Spinlocks — Low-level Synchronization Primitive
Scheduler Control — Control the state of the scheduler
Interrupt Handling — Manage interrupt handlers
Kernel Real-time Characterization — Measure the performance of the eCos kernel
Kernel thread-aware debugging — Overview of eCos Kernel thread-aware debugging
Kernel and infrastructure instrumentation — Overview of eCos Kernel and Infrastructure instrumentation