help — Display help on available commands


help [ topic ]


topic StringWhich command to provide help for.All commands


The help command displays information about the available RedBoot commands. If a topic is given, then the display is restricted to information about that specific command.

If the command has sub-commands, e.g. fis, then the topic specific display will print additional information about the available sub-commands. special (ICMP) packets to a specific host. These packets should be automatically returned by that host. The command will indicate how many of these round-trips were successfully completed.


Show generic help. Note that the contents of this display will depend on the various configuration options for RedBoot when it was built.

RedBoot> help
Manage aliases kept in FLASH memory
   alias name [value]
Manage machine caches
   cache [ON | OFF]
Display/switch console channel
   channel [-1|<channel number>]
Compute a 32bit checksum [POSIX algorithm] for a range of memory
   cksum -b <location> -l <length>
Display (hex dump) a range of memory
   dump -b <location> [-l <length>] [-s] [-1|-2|-4]
Manage FLASH images
   fis {cmds}
Manage configuration kept in FLASH memory
   fconfig [-i] [-l] [-n] [-f] [-d] | [-d] nickname [value]
Execute code at a location
   go [-w <timeout>] [entry]
Uncompress GZIP compressed data
   gunzip -s <location> -d <location>
Help about help?
   help [<topic>]
Read I/O location
   iopeek [-b <location>] [-1|2|4]
Write I/O location
   iopoke [-b <location>] [-1|2|4] -v <value>
Set/change IP addresses
   ip_address [-l <local_ip_address>[/<mask_length>]] [-h <server_address>]
Load a file
   load [-r] [-v] [-d] [-h <host>] [-m {TFTP | HTTP | {x|y}MODEM -c <channel_number>}]
        [-f <flash_address>] [-b <base_address>]  <file_name>
Compare two blocks of memory
   mcmp -s <location> -d <location> -l <length> [-1|-2|-4]
Fill a block of memory with a pattern
   mfill -b <location> -l <length> -p <pattern>
Network connectivity test
   ping [-v] [-n <count>] [-l <length>] [-t <timeout>] [-r <rate>]
        [-i <IP_addr>] -h <IP_addr>
Reset the system
Display RedBoot version information
Display (hex dump) a range of memory
   x -b <location> [-l <length>] [-s] [-1|-2|-4]

Help about a command with sub-commands.

RedBoot> help fis
Manage FLASH images
   fis {cmds}
Create an image
  fis create -b <mem_base> -l <image_length> [-s <data_length>]
      [-f <flash_addr>] [-e <entry_point>] [-r <ram_addr>] [-n] <name>
Display an image from FLASH Image System [FIS]
  fis delete name
Erase FLASH contents
  fis erase -f <flash_addr> -l <length>
Display free [available] locations within FLASH Image System [FIS]
  fis free
Initialize FLASH Image System [FIS]
  fis init [-f]
Display contents of FLASH Image System [FIS]
  fis list [-c] [-d]
Load image from FLASH Image System [FIS] into RAM
  fis load [-d] [-b <memory_load_address>] [-c] name
Write raw data directly to FLASH
  fis write -f <flash_addr> -b <mem_base> -l <image_length>