Part XLV. Ethernet Device Support

Documentation for drivers of this type is often integrated into the eCos board support documentation. You should review the documentation for your target board for details. Standalone and more generic drivers are documented in the following sections.

Table of Contents

167. Writing Ethernet Device Drivers
167.1. Generic Ethernet API
167.2. Review of the functions
167.2.1. Init function
167.2.2. Start function
167.2.3. Stop function
167.2.4. Control function
167.2.5. Can-send function
167.2.6. Send function
167.2.7. Deliver function
167.2.8. Receive function
167.2.9. Poll function
167.2.10. Interrupt-vector function
167.3. Upper Layer Functions
167.3.1. Callback Init function
167.3.2. Callback Tx-Done function
167.3.3. Callback Receive function
167.4. Calling graph for Transmission and Reception
167.4.1. Transmission
167.4.2. Receive
168. lwIP Direct Ethernet Device Driver
168.1. Introduction
168.2. API reference
168.3. Multiple direct drivers
168.4. lwIP MANUAL initialisation
169. CDC-EEM Target USB driver
169.1. Introduction
169.2. API
169.3. Configuration
169.3.1. Configuration Overview
169.4. Debug and Test
169.4.1. Debugging
170. RNDIS Target USB driver
170.1. Introduction
170.2. API
170.3. Configuration
170.3.1. Configuration Overview
170.4. Debug and Test
170.4.1. Debugging
171. Ethernet PHY Device Support
171.1. Ethernet PHY Device API
172. Synopsys DesignWare Ethernet GMAC Driver
Synopsys DesignWare Ethernet GMAC Driver — eCos Support for Synopsys DesignWare Ethernet GMAC Devices
173. Freescale ColdFire Ethernet Driver
Freescale ColdFire Ethernet Driver — eCos Support for Freescale ColdFire On-chip Ethernet Devices
174. Nios II Triple Speed Ethernet Driver
Nios II Triple Speed Ethernet Driver — eCos Support for Nios II Triple-Speed Ethernet Devices
175. SMSC LAN9118 Ethernet Driver
SMSC LAN9118 Ethernet Driver — eCos Support for SMSC LAN9118 Ethernet Devices
176. Synthetic Target Ethernet Driver
Synthetic Target Ethernet Driver — Allow synthetic target applications to perform ethernet I/O