Test Programs — Details

Test Programs

The STM32H735-DISCO platform HAL contains some test programs which allow various aspects of the board to be tested.

ADC Test

There are two tests for the ADC, which may be built by enabling CYGBLD_HAL_CORTEXM_STM32H735_DISCO_TESTS_ADC.

The adc1 test reads the Vrefint ADC reference voltage, Vsense internal temperature, and Vbat battery voltage from channels 16, 17 and 18 of ADC3. These are printed out whenever any changes by a significant amount.

The adc2 test reads the same sensors as adc1 and in addition reads channel 10 of ADC1, which is connected to the A0 pin of Arduino connector CN9. A potentiometer attached to this pin allows various tests of the ADC system to be performed as prompted by the test itself.