CYGPKG_HAL_CORTEXM_LM3S_LM3S8962_EVAL — eCos Support for the LM3S8962-EVAL Board


The LM3S8962-EVAL board contains a LM3S8962 microcontroller. It has connectors for one UART, MicroSD, USB, CAN, JTAG and various other devices.

For typical eCos development, a GDB stub image is programmed into internal FLASH and the CPU boots directly into that. It is then possible to download and debug stand-alone and eCos applications via the gdb debugger using UART0. Alternatively test programs may be downloaded and debugged via a JTAG debugger attached to the JTAG socket. Avaliable RAM is limited to 64KB, so development for larger applications may also consist of programming them to flash and using JTAG to debug them from there.

This documentation describes platform-specific elements of the LM3S8962-EVAL board support within eCos. The LM3S variant HAL documentation covers various topics including HAL support common to LM3S variants, and on-chip device support. This document complements the LM3S documentation.

Supported Hardware

The LM3S has two on-chip memory regions. A RAM region of 64KiB is present at 0x20000000. A FLASH region is present at 0x00000000.

The LM3S variant HAL includes support for the on-chip serial devices which are documented in the variant HAL. UART0 is connected to a USB adaptor, which also serves to provide the board with power.

The platform HAL contains configuration and definitions that allow the ARM PL022 primecell device to be used for SPI devices.


The board port is intended to work with GNU tools configured for an arm-eabi target. The original port was done using arm-eabi-gcc version 4.3.2, arm-eabi-gdb version 6.8, and binutils version 2.18.