Test Programs — Details

Test Programs

The BCM943362WCD4 platform HAL contains a test suitable for the bcm943362wcd4_evb platform, that allows various aspects of that board to be tested.

Manual Test

The manual test is only built by default when targetting a BCM9WCD1EVAL1 motherboard based BCM943362WCD4 module (e.g. the BCM943362WCD4_EVB development kit).

This program tests various aspects of the basic platform port. The basic test can be used to validate the LED and push-button GPIO operation. Depending on the eCos configuration further testing of the flash (detecting on-chip and motherboard SPI devices) and ADC device access is performed.

When flash support is configured the test will display the memory address ranges for the flash areas.


Whereas the on-chip flash is directly addressable, the off-chip SPI flash is given a logical address for use through the flash API but it is not actually memory mapped.

When ADC support is configured the manual program tests the ADC driver for the STM32. The only device connected to the ADC on the board is the thermistor connected to ADC1 logical channel 3, named TH1 on the motherboard. In addition the test also report the values of the Temperature, Vrefint and Vbat inputs that are sourced on-chip.