channel — Select the system console channel


channel [[-1] | [ channel_number ]]


-1 Reset the console channel none
channel_numberNumberSelect a channel none


With no arguments, the channel command displays the current console channel number.

When passed an argument of 0 upward, this command switches the console channel to that channel number. The mapping between channel numbers and physical channels is platform specific but will typically be something like channel 0 is the first serial port, channel 1 is the second, etc.

When passed an argument of -1, this command reverts RedBoot to responding to whatever channel receives input first, as happens when RedBoot initially starts execution.


Show the current channel.

RedBoot> channel
Current console channel id: 0

Change to an invalid channel.

RedBoot> channel 99
**Error: bad channel number '99'

Revert to the default channel setting (any console mode).

RedBoot> channel -1