Chapter 177. eCos port

Table of Contents

177.1. Overview

177.1. Overview

The goal for the CYGPKG_MBEDTLS package is to avoid having to have any core mbedTLS source file changes made specifically for eCos. This is to ensure that re-imports of newer versions of the mbedTLS world involve minimal effort. The files are as provided in the official release package with the following exceptions:

  1. Files have been moved, unmodified, to create a standard eCos package tree structure
  2. The files src/platform.c, include/platform.h and include/config.h have changes to allow compilation as an eCos package
  3. The file tests/selftest.c has been modified with some eCos specific code to allow use in the eCos automated test farm. The core of the selftest functionality is unchanged however

Please read the package ChangeLog file for information on the current base mbedTLS version in use.