baudrate — Set the baud rate for the system serial console


baudrate [-b rate]


-b rateNumberThe baud rate to use for the serial console. none


The baudrate command sets the baud rate for the system serial console.

If no value is provided, then the current value of the console baud rate is displayed.

If the system supports non-volatile configuration data via the fconfig command (see Section 225.5, “Persistent State Flash-based Configuration and Control ”), then the value will be saved and used when the system is reset.


Show the current baud rate.

RedBoot> baudrate
Baud rate = 38400

Change the console baud rate. In order to make this operation safer, there will be a slight pause after the first message to give you time to change to the new baud rate. If it doesn't work, or a less than affirmative answer is given to the "continue" prompt, then the baud rate will revert to the current value. Only after the baud rate has been firmly established will RedBoot give you an opportunity to save the value in persistent storage.

RedBoot> baudrate -b 57600
Baud rate will be changed to 57600 - update your settings
Device baud rate changed at this point
Baud rate changed to 57600 - continue (y/n)? y
Update RedBoot non-volatile configuration - continue (y/n)? n