eCos Support for the ST Microelectronics STR7XX ARM microcontrollers — Overview


The ST STR7XX series of ARM microcontrollers is supported by eCos with an eCos processor variant HAL and a number of device drivers supporting some of the on-chip peripherals. These include device drivers for the on-chip flash, serial and watchdog devices. In addition it provides common functionality and definitions that STR7XX based platform ports may require, as well as definitions useful to application developers.

This documentation covers the STR7XX functionality provided but should be read in conjunction with the specific HAL documentation for the platform port. That documentation will cover issues that are platform-specific and are not covered here, and may also describe differences that override or supersede what the STR7XX variant HAL provides. The areas that are specific to platform HALs and not the STR7XX variant HAL include:

  • memory map and related configuration and setup
  • memory remapping
  • Clock parameters
  • GPIO setup
  • Any special handling for external interrupts, or additional interrupts
  • Diagnostic I/O baud rates
  • Additional diagnostic I/O devices, if any
  • LED/LCD control