eCos Support for the ST STR710-EVAL Board — Overview


The ST STR710-EVAL Board is fitted with an STR710FZ2T6 microcontroller to provide a development environment for all STR71X microcontrollers. The board is fitted with 4MiB of external RAM and 4MiB of external FLASH memory. The board has two 9-pin RS-232 serial interfaces connected to two of the STR710 on-chip UARTs, LEDs, and LCD display, and a JTAG debug interface. Refer to the board documentation and the STR7XX documentation for full details.

For typical eCos development, a RedBoot image is programmed into the external FLASH and the switches set so that the board will boot this image from reset. RedBoot provides gdb stub functionality so it is then possible to download and debug stand-alone and eCos applications via the gdb debugger using either UART0 or UART1.

This documentation describes platform-specific elements of the STR710-EVAL Board support within eCos. The STR7XX documentation covers various topics including HAL support common to STR7XX variants, and on-chip device support. This document complements the STR7XX documentation.

Supported Hardware

The STR7XX has two on-chip memory regions. A RAM region of 64KiB is present at 0x20000000, which is mapped to 0x00000000 after booting. A FLASH region is present at 0x40000000 and is comprised of 64KiB, 128KiB or 256KiB of program memory plus 16KiB of higher durability data flash. The STR710FZ2T6 on the STR710-EVAL board is equipped with 256KiB.

On-board memory consists of 4MiB of SRAM mapped to 0x62000000 and 4MiB of FLASH mapped to 0x60000000. During booting the external flash is mapped to 0x00000000 but will be replaced with the internal flash for normal execution.

The STR7XX variant HAL includes support for the four on-chip serial devices which are documented in the variant HAL. Only two of these serial devices are connected to external connectors on the board, so only these are normally usable.

The STR710-EVAL board port includes support for the on-chip watchdog and interrupt controller. This support is documented in the STR7XX variant HAL.


The STR710-EVAL Board port is intended to work with GNU tools configured for an arm-eabi target. Thumb mode is supported. The original port was done using arm-elf-gcc version 3.4.4, arm-elf-gdb version 6.3, and binutils version 2.16.